Humanity Unorthodox

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This section of the website is being made public (rather than private) mainly for the benefit of those who are naive enough to consider the notion that the ‘wisdom of the real-world’ was not set in stone, and as such it rules out those that obdurately identifies themselves as a spiritualist, an atheist, a rationalist or anything of that ilk 1 .

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This is a different kind of index into the Actual Freedom website that acts as an easy ‘portal’, and as well as serves as atomic notes (of 📓 Zettelkasten kind) for linking to from elsewhere.

Start from Actualism Method if you wish to get to the nitty-gritty of what this is all about … or browse the various notes below.

NOTE: These notes may not be always up-to-date. Consult the Actual Freedom website for that. These notes primarily serve the purpose of being a quick reference to the author, and secondarily of providing potentially serendipitous benefits to any passerbys.

A simple test to see if you unwittingly belong to such a group is to sincerely assess your feelings while reading any of actualism text. You may use this index to compare those feeling-reactions against the documented spectrum of (entirely normal) entrenched cognitive dissonance in action.
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