Humanity Unorthodox

An Actual Freedom (i.e., “self”-immolation) makes everything else so blasé in comparison, as nothing else offers the ultimate and thorough betterment of humanity. This section of my website is a different kind of index into the Actual Freedom website that acts as an easy ‘portal’, and as well as serves as atomic notes (of 📓 Zettelkasten kind) for linking to from elsewhere.

Start from Actualism Method if you wish to get to the nitty-gritty of what this is all about (the “method” is to segue into the “actualism process” which culminates in “self”-immolation) … or browse the various notes below.

NOTE: These notes may not be always up-to-date. Consult the Actual Freedom website for that. These notes primarily serve the purpose of being a quick reference to the author, and secondarily of providing potentially serendipitous benefits to any non-conforming passerbys.

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  • Modern Rationality

    A modern philosophical movement that had its origins in the likes of Mr. Eliezer Yudkowsky (of the ‘LessWrong’ fame), known for its members’ rather excursive* style of writings resulting from hyperfocus on cognition and blindness to affect.

    EA proponents generally care more about, say, animal rights than the mental health of their fellow humans. See Kathleen Stock’s article Effective altruism is the new woke:

  • Modern Physics

    Aside from actualists, of course.

    Very rarely does someone interested in this field* accept the infinite/ eternal/ absolute nature of the universe. Closest I am able to find:

  • Humanity Orthodox
    For the obverse, where this instinctual-cum-tribalistic circle-jerk plays no part, see Humanity Unorthodox.
  • Cynical non-pioneers
  • Climate Alarmism

    For decades, the very people who support these models have been telling people we’re just a few short years away from the demise* of the species…only for nothing to happen (and for the very things they claim to be getting worse, actually getting better). Again, and again, and again. First it was global warming, then it was “climate change” (hint: the climate always changes—the real subtext here is Malthusian discontent for humanity, not a desire to protect nature).

    Golly, come to think of it, actualism should accrue quite a few brownie points for being so … um … so environmentally-friendly!

    [Richard]: ‘Have you ever noticed that many an otherwise intelligent person has been afflicted by the doomsday syndrome all throughout human history?
    If so, the words ‘all throughout human history’ should speak for themselves [in regards the end of the world being nigh].
    The doom being felt – and projected onto the world at large – is, of course, ‘my’ own doom: there is no way out, ‘I’ am doomed. ‘I’ must, inevitably, cease to ‘be’. Instead of bemoaning ‘my’ fate and vainly searching for an escape, ‘I’ can see ‘myself’ for what ‘I’ am. This seeing is the beginning of the ending of ‘me’. The extinction of ‘me’ is the ultimate sacrifice ‘I’ can make to ensure the possibility of peace-on-earth for not only this body but all bodies.
    Have you ever desired oblivion?’

    “Climate change” alarmism (aka. climate apocalyptic fantasy) is the current iteration of the long line of religiously* catastrophistic thinking* humanity has been harbouring for generations, which alarmism has its origins in identity itself inasmuch as fear itself is sourced in it.