Out-from-Control, Different Way of Being


From the tooltip after “as distinct from the actualism method” in http://www.actualfreedom.com.au/richard/listdcorrespondence/listd12.htm#09Dec09a

RICHARD: [..] the actualism method segues into what has become known as the actualism process when the actualism method has become so automatic, via habituation, that one is walking about in a state of wide-eyed wonder (naiveté) simply marvelling at being alive (sensuosity) and being amazed/ delighted that all this – the world about/the universe itself – is occurring in the first place; the actualism process is when it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish the difference between one doing it (doing this business called being alive) and it happening of its own accord; when one becomes the experiencing of being alive/of it all occurring of its own accord one is then out-from-control (not ‘out of control’ as in wayward) and a different-way-of-being has ensued.

It all becomes rather magical (‘magical’ as in prestidigitation) after that.

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  • Humanity Unorthodox

    Start from Actualism Method if you wish to get to the nitty-gritty of what this is all about (the “method” is to segue into the “actualism process” which culminates in “self”-immolation) … or browse the various notes below.

  • Being the doing of what is happening

    SRID: the opposite of feeling vulnerable is that one becomes interested in people and events happening right now. during the day we first met grace, i remember using the expression of ‘doing of what is happening’ to richard upon noticing that there was ‘less of me’ as i was, for most part, simply being the felicitous interaction happening on the house boat. closer to the end of the trip i also confirmed that this is the direction to take in order to get to out-from-control/ different-way-of-being.