Affective Vibes

[Richard]: ‘All sentient beings, to a greater or lesser extent, are connected via a psychic web … a network of energies or currents that range from ‘good’ to ‘bad’. Feeling threatened or intimidated can result from the obvious cues – the offering of physical violence and/or verbal violence – or from the less obvious … ‘vibe’ violence (to use a ‘60’s term) and/or psychic violence. Similarly, feeling accepted can occur via the same signals or intimations. Power trips – coercion or manipulation of any kind – whether for ‘good’ or ‘bad’ purposes, are all psychic at root … the psychic currents are the most effective power plays for they are the most insidious (charisma, for example).

RICHARD: [..] as the many and various emotions/ passions are the same affective energy, at root, then directing all of that affective energy into being the felicitous/ innocuous feelings (that is, ‘me’ at the core of ‘my’ being, which is ‘being’ itself), via minimisation of the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ feelings and maximisation of the happy and harmless feelings, will have the effect of involuntarily radiating felicitous/ innocuous vibes and currents as a matter of course.

A feeling-being, by virtue of being an affective/ psychic ‘being’, involuntarily emanates/ transmits/ radiates affective vibes (and psychic currents), extrasensorially, regardless of whether they express or suppress feelings and/or whether they display or conceal any physical effects feelings may have on their tone of voice/ their facial expression/ their body language.

RICHARD: Perhaps the following exchange (posted four days before this e-mail of yours) will throw some light upon the matter:

  • [Co-Respondent]: Can one feel other’s feelings?
  • [Richard]: Only if one is a feeling being.
  • [Co-Respondent]: Thoughts?
  • [Richard]: Only if one is a feeling being with developed psychic abilities.
  • [Co-Respondent]: ’From a distance?
  • [Richard]: ‘In the first instance … yes, from a near-distance; in the latter instance … yes, from a far-distance’.

RESPONDENT: Confused, please help.

RICHARD: By way of explanation I will first draw your attention to this quote (also posted four days before this e-mail of yours):

  • [Richard]: ‘… there is an interconnectedness between all the emotional and passional entities – all emotional and passional entities are connected via a psychic web – a network of invisible vibes and currents. This interconnectedness in action is a powerful force – colloquially called ‘energy’ or ‘energies’ – wherein one entity can either seek power over another entity or seek communion with another entity by affective and/or psychic influence’.

Put briefly: a feeling being (an emotional/ passional entity within a body) imbues thought with affectivity and those affectively-tinged/ affectively-charged thoughts are involuntarily broadcast, as psychic currents/ energies, into the real world (the world of the psyche) … thus another feeling being does not pick-up thoughts as such but, rather, intuitively feels what those psychic currents/ energies convey.

Hence the inaccuracy inherent to psychic phenomena … but that is another topic.

RESPONDENT: You said some thing about vibes web between humans, like invisible threads. Only one free of psychic identity are also free of this psychic web, so, how to minimize this menace to avoid this subliminal effects after the lecture of your words and journal?


  • First, an intelligent appraisal (such as ‘all throughout history’ above);
  • second, becoming cognisant of your own affective vibes and, thus, psychic currents (some peoples are naturally more sensitive than others);
  • third, then discerning when an affective vibe/ psychic current is another person’s and not yours (although be aware of projecting);
  • fourth, being as happy and as harmless (free of malice and sorrow) as is humanly possible can be contagious so to speak);
  • fifth, the courage of the conviction born of the PCE is always immensely beneficial;
  • lastly, remembering that to care to dare is to dare to care.
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  • Seriousness

    As these are embedded, via affective vibes and psychic currents,* into the instinctually affective programme all sentient beings are genetically endowed with (I have seen many a frisky lamb 🐑 turn into a sedate sheep 🐑, and frolicsome calves 🐄 into sombre cattle 🐄, as maturity takes its toll) they turn into having the appearance of being innate … when they are not.

  • S.N.A.G.

    [Peter]: ‘I remember a major turning point came for me when I realised I was causing ‘ripples’ for other people by my every action: however subtle sometimes, however unintentional, however well meaning, but ‘ripples’ nevertheless. And by seeing it I wanted it to stop! It became yet another motivation to do all I could to eliminate my ‘self’. I wanted not only peace for myself, but for others too.’ Peter’s Journal – Peace

  • Polite but malicious

    the core team has that “happy cult” vibe where they think that if they’re (passive-aggressively) polite enough, they don’t have to worry about anyone’s opinion outside their insular little group.

  • Harmlessness

    VINEETO: The reason I said that there is a remarkable difference between feeling harmless and actually being harmless is because it is easy to assess one’s happiness by checking if I am feeling happy whereas many people may feel themselves to be harmless when they are not experiencing feelings of aggression or anger against somebody. Yet they are nevertheless causing harm via their thoughtless ‘self’-oriented instinctual feelings and actions, something that all human beings are prone to do unless they become fully aware of their instinctual passions before these translate into vibes and/or actions.

  • Caring

    RICHARD: When empathy works to resolve another’s suffering an empathetic caring occurs – this is not under dispute – but it is occurring as a feeling activity … in the form of affective vibes and/or psychic currents. However, it is only occurring in the real world – there is no empathetic caring here in this actual world – which is a salutary point few comprehend.