Task Index

☐ Roast coffee myself
☐ Thinking in Types, by isovector
☐ Category Theory, and other theory
☐ Functional Programming and Proof Checking Course Plan: https://oxij.org/activity/itmo/fp/plan/
☐ Lenses
☐ Types = Values; https://vitez.me/hts-language
☐ Find relevant papers, in order.
☐ Write You A Haskell: Building a modern functional compiler from first principles.
☐ Research a tool that automates much of the release process
☐ Explain the usefulness flake-parts (and thus haskell-flake and mission-control)
☐ Nixify?
☐ Avoid having to chown -R $USER inside mounted dir?
☐ What does it take to resize later? Can we do it unbounded from beginning?
☐ Add ee alias to open a file with fzf directly
☐ New post: adding custom Lua functions to do things (eg: zettelkasten thingy; like create new notes under dir); bind it to keybinding, appearing in which-key.
☐ Open file by searching contents
☐ Ctrl+S to save
☐ Autosave for Markdown notes
☐ Sane indentation of lists on β€˜enter’
☐ Disable auto-collapse.
☐ Wiki-links
☐ setup redirect for my Google accounts to ProtonMail.
☐ #haskell
☐ lazygit (basic workflows)
☐ Flesh out this note in detail.