Actualism is a DIY business

RESPONDENT: … [Here’s the answer to your stalled actualist efforts] – you need to buddy up.

RICHARD: No, there is no ‘need’ whatsoever to buddy up (aka chum up) … the code has been cracked, once and for all, and the way now lies wide open, and wondrously so, for anybody and everybody irregardless of their marital status.

RESPONDENT: Just one more thing, have you thought about doing some sort of (paid) instruction on the basics of AF? I know it is all on the site, but that can be a bit intimidating for new people. Anyway, just an idea.

VINEETO: No, there won’t be any paid instructions, as this would defeat the purpose of becoming free from the human condition in toto, by yourself, for yourself. An actual freedom can by its very nature never be a group process.

[..] Having said that, it has been of great benefit to me – and heaps of additional fun to boot – to have had (and still have) a playmate with whom to start the process of becoming free, with whom to discuss the ins and out of the human condition and it was also a great test if I was really becoming more able to live in harmony with a fellow human being. As you have probably read in Peter’s Journal, this is exactly why Peter ventured out to find a suitable woman – but if you don’t find one or are not inclined to then actualism works just as well when on your own.