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[Richard]: Thus, in conjunction with those ‘making present’ words [i.e., ‘presentiate’, ‘presentially’, and etcetera], I now have the linguistic means to vividly communicate how feeling-being ‘Richard’ (…) utilised that rememorative-presentiation process to imbue/ suffuse ‘his’ day-to-day life with the ambience/ the flavour/ the appeal of the Pure Consciousness Experience and thus invigorate and vitalise ‘his’ moment-to-moment experiencing as well. (Although, due to the total lack of precedence, ‘he’ increasingly infused it with the grandeur/ the glory / the allure of the ASC as well). [endquote].

RICHARD: I am resurrecting and introducing several obscure and/or obsolete words so as to facilitate communication,

RICHARD: [..] by dint of a viscerally-felt instinctually-intuitive rememoration (‘re-’ + ‘memoration’) of memorable experiencing already memorialised in the memorative facility – revivified feelingly therein and thereby infused presentially 1 with luminous vibrancy when brought thus anew into consciousness – any such indelibly-impressed experience comes freshly into present conscious existence by that rememorative function itself.

presentially (ad.): in a way which supposes actual presence.
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  • Basic Resentment

    [Richard]: ‘Speaking personally, the first thing I did in 1981 was to put an end to anger once and for all … then I was freed enough to live in virtual freedom. It took me about three weeks and I have never experienced anger* since then. The first step was to say ‘YES’ to being here on earth, for I located and identified that basic resentment that all people that I have spoken to have. To wit: ‘I didn’t ask to be born!’ This is why remembering a PCE is so important for success for it shows one, first hand, that freedom is already always here … now. With the memory of that crystal-clear perfection held firmly in mind … that basic resentment goes. Then it is a relatively easy task to eliminate anger forever. One does this by neither expressing or repressing anger when an event happens that would previously trigger an outbreak. Anger is thus put into a bind … and the third alternative hoves into view’.