Modern Rationality

A modern philosophical movement that had its origins in the likes of Mr. Eliezer Yudkowsky (of the ‘LessWrong’ fame), known for its members’ rather excursive 1 style of writings resulting from hyperfocus on cognition and blindness to affect.

Being artful often takes the form of armchair sophistry 2 (“gish gallop” for instance) in rationalists. Like anyone with an identity, native intelligence does not always operate and function cleanly and clearly on the movement’s members, despite well-meaning efforts and intentions.


People skeptical of rationalists

Ctrl+F excursive in this page for examples.

See this tweet for one way of expressing this sophistry:

[..] “sophisticated” thinkers often have just build layers of thought/words/rationalizations on top of the same emotions as everybody else.

[..] emotion driven arguments can be articulately woven with the form and vocabulary of rational norms

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  • Humanity Unorthodox

    This section of the website is being made public (rather than private) mainly for the benefit of those who are naive enough to consider the notion that the ‘wisdom of the real-world’ was not set in stone, and as such it rules out those that obdurately identifies themselves as a spiritualist, an atheist, a rationalist or anything of that ilk*.