Modern Physics

the late nineteenth-century/ early twentieth-century physics departed from being a study of the natural world (the physical world) and entered into the realm of the mathematical world … an abstract world which does not exist in nature. Ref

Creationist cosmology

  • The Big Bang didn’t happen

  • In the words of Sabine Hossenfelder, all cosmological theories supposing a “beginning” of the universe are essentially “a creation myth written in the language of mathematics”.

  • Very rarely does someone interested in this field 1 accept the infinite/ eternal/ absolute nature of the universe. Closest I am able to find:

    The alleged big bang never happened. That the universe could have begun from any kind of singularity is both logically impossible and scientifically indefensible. There is no point in time at which time began. Time is in the universe; the universe is not in time. The universe is a limitless, endless, infinite expanse that is without beginning or ending.

    [..] There is no point or locale in space where the universe could have begun. Space exists within the universe; the universe does not exist in space. Space has no shape and no boundaries. Space is an endless expanse within the infinite universe.

Self-centric projection

What’s going on here, ultimately, is that we take our own self-centric perception and apply it to the universe at large.

It is evident that “I” (referring to the psychological identity/self, not the physical body) came out of nothing, and “I” clearly have a boundary (“I” am not “John Doe” or this coffee table for instance); “I” also have a beginning (when I was born) and an end (when I will die), unless I believe in reincarnation (then “I” must exist as the universe does in the big bounce theory); “I” move through time, and have a “past”, “present” and “future”.

Modern physicists project this perspective onto the universe at large, and come up with all these theories.

So the universe being infinite / eternal/ absolute becomes impossible to accept – let alone grasp – due to this self-centric perception, just like how geo-centric perception limited us in the past.

In summary, we have a self-centric perspective (and a God-centric perspective as well on top) that is constantly tainting our understanding of the universe.

Aside from actualists, of course.
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