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  • 🚴 Calisthenics

    I started by lifting weights in the gym (my apartment had one). However once this orthodox part of the Occidental culture soon revealed its insipid nature, it naturally lead me to the world of calisthenics. I think the whole fitness industry is overrated, and the general population should avoid it like plague.

  • Stay niche

    The quality of a social network goes down as it grows in size to represent the larger public. This happens merely as a result of the network now representing the “median” of the human condition. The median is of average quality. It represents the orthodox, boring and conventional.

  • Humanity Unorthodox

    NOTE: These notes may not be always up-to-date. Consult the Actual Freedom website for that. These notes primarily serve the purpose of being a quick reference to the author, and secondarily of providing potentially serendipitous benefits to any non-conforming passerbys.