RICHARD: Can he remember any pure consciousness experiences? Can he remember experiencing a moment – or moments – wherein everything falls into place correctly and perfectly? Wherein everybody, oneself included, and everything, is utterly pure? There is an ambience of total peace and harmony. Kindliness and spontaneous generosity of character come spontaneously and easily.


RICHARD: And here you have put your finger on the nub of the issue: the spontaneity of equity and parity that comes with the recognition of being fellow human beings is hijacked, subverted, sabotaged. And by what?


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  • Wiliness of the wild

    The expression ‘wiliness of the wild’ (a direct opposite of Naiveté and thus Spontaneity) refers to the cunningness naturally inherent to human species (arising from the genetically-inherited instinctual passions) in particular, as well as the animal species* in general. The word ‘wily’ has the following as its synonyms:

  • PCE reports

    Both the reports below were not self-induced; they happened spontaneously. But it is possible to develop the skill of triggering PCEs at will.