Wokeism (under which neoracism belongs) is a secular religion that originated in the United States of America, presumably around 2016 (see Woke Invasion). It is closely accompanied by the pseudoscienfic field Critical Race Theory. The central thesis of the religion is best characterized by the following passage:

Speaking of ‘the illusion of change by activism’: what I have noticed, whilst pottering around the world-wide-web, is that those of a sinistral statist ideology (such as your ‘marxism/ postmodernism/ feminism’ wording is suggestive of) are apparently extracting meaning and/or purpose from busying themselves in the redressment of systemic cultural ‘wrongs’, via the heavy hand of state compulsion, through retaining tight control of ‘the public narrative’ – having long-ago seized the high moral ground of minority-group injustice (as per your ‘fighting for the rights of the vulnerable classes’ words) – on a yet-to-be-demonstrated premiss that an equitable society can be legislated into existence (i.e., imposed on all citizens at the point of state-owned/ state-controlled guns), in a ‘majority-rules’ society, on a ‘minorities-rule’ basis. —ref

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  • Woke arrogation of Paradox of tolerance

    The Woke has arrogated Mr. Karl Popper’s “Paradox of tolenrace” to advance their authoritarian Censorship and deplatforming measures. The irony here is that, when Mr. Popper’s “Paradox of tolerance” is followed to the tee it would result in the deplatforming of the Woke themselves. u/LotsRegret explains this:

  • Woke Invasion

    Proponents of Wokeism have been proselytizing (see also Woke Inveigling) many unsuspecting organizations (many of whom, with exceptions, yield to their demands) adopting a number of covert tactics. See this Twitter thread for an example of how it works in education.

  • Wikipedia is not neutral

    Almost every political or controversial topic on Wikipedia is infested with a far-left / woke slant, reflecting the make-up of its authoritarian editors. See The left-wing bias of Wikipedia, a scientific/academic article about Wikipedia’s bias, by pseudonymous authors.

  • Unearthing heterodox views from Wikipedia

    Finally, even neural seeming articles are “cleaned up” by politically motivated editors. An ealier version of the Schadenfreude article had a statement in the lead saying “adults also experience schadenfreude, although generally they conceal it” which got removed (an act of ‘soft censorship’) to the point that the article now reads — to present a more woke-approved version of the emotion — “Schadenfreude [..] may be an important social emotion establishing “inequity aversion”.”.

  • Undoing Woke Invasion

    Elon: “If you’re not trying to run some glorified activist organization”

  • Rust

    An important aspect of inclusivity is being able to accommodate a diversity of opinions. If we can only get along when everyone agrees, then we cannot be diverse or inclusive. While our preference for consensus has served us well in some areas, it has also caused problems. Our culture of avoiding conflict rather than resolving it is unhealthy and has led to dysfunctional governance. –17 September 2022: Ten challenges for Rust

  • Psychology behind wokeism
    Cognitive dissonance being predictor of woke safetyism: “students’ self-reported prevalence of cognitive distortions positively predicted their endorsement of safetyism-inspired beliefs, the belief that words can harm, and support for the broad use of trigger warnings”

    Adherents of Wokeism tend to exhibit certain psychological characteristics in common.

  • Polite but malicious

    The team [at NoRedInk] shows a bewildering mix of cargo-cult inclusiveness coupled with inability to consider that anyone could be different from them in any way that matters.

  • Modern Rationality

    Effectively, both longtermism and woke progressivism take a highly restricted number of emotional impulses many of us ordinarily have, and then vividly conjure up heart-rending scenarios of supposed harm in order to prime our malleable intuitions in the desired direction. Each insists that we then extend these impulses quasi-rigorously, past any possible relevance to our own personal lives. [..]

  • Luxury beliefs

    While, in reality, it tends to be mix of status-signalling and actual concern over issues, woke stances generally are of the mix wherein the former is predominant (hence the term “virtue signalling”).

  • Haskell
    Join FP Slack to chat with other Haskellers (the Slack also has rooms for other FP languages). If you prefer a forum-like format, post to StackOverflow #haskell, which has been quite helpful in my experience. Read r/haskell for news. Be wary of other communities.* If you are interested in hacking on my open source projects, join this room on Matrix (it is a part of Awesome-list-of-Haskell-mentors). See Haskell Planetarium for recent Haskell news & discussions.

    In particular, you want to avoid the non-niche ones invaded by woke activist moderators.

  • Gender Ideology

    This sexualised gender-identity became socio-politicised when ‘gender feminism’ and ‘identity politics’ in particular gained traction due to clamorous ‘anti-discrimination’ vocalists and vociferous ‘equalitarian’ activists stridently cashing in on their minoritarian victimology socio-politico influence and its resultant lobbying pressure [..]

  • Critical Race Theory

    Critical Race Theory is the pseudoscience* underlying Wokeism.

  • Censorship

    Censorship in social media, academic, professional organizations and various other fields became increasingly prevalent as Wokeism began taking a foothold.

  • Anti-crypto
    Mr. Guido van Rossum, a Dutch programmer living in woke* California. Created the Python programming language.

    Incidentally, Mr Rossum’s Twitter biography reads “fully vaccinated” with pronouns “He/him” (usually a form of status signalling of woke identity politics, if not a bizzare reinforcement of one’s illusory gender identity) plastared over it.