Woke Hypocrisy

  • Cory Clark: Are Liberals Really More Egalitarian?
  • John McWhorter: ‘Woke Racism’
  • Slavoj Žižek:

    [..] the multiculturalist tolerance of the Other’s Otherness is also more twisted than it may appear—it is sustained by a secret desire for the Other to remain “other,” not to become too much like us.

  • According to this study white progressives in the US and UK avoid living in racially diverse neighborhoods and are likely to move away from them as much as white conservatives. (via)

    [..] in both America and Britain, anti-immigration whites are only marginally more likely to move to whiter neighborhoods than pro-immigration whites. This is important because it suggests that attitudes toward diversity, which predict mobility *intentions*, do not explain whites’ ethnocentric mobility *behavior*.

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  • Psychology behind wokeism

    As a pacifist I conveniently overlooked not only my own aggravation and annoyance, the conflicts and disputes that invariably occur in my everyday life and in my personal relationships but I also turned a blind eye to the fact that I, without a second thought, am completely reliant upon the army of the country I am living in and the local armed police to keep me safe. Nowadays I clearly see the hypocrisy inherent in the ideology of pacifism. This hypocrisy is also evident in the eagerness of pacifists to lay the blame for the lack of peace on earth on others. For a long time I also firmly believed that it is only ‘the bad guys’ – such as corrupt politicians and greedy capitalists – who are responsible for all the wars, genocides and democides on the planet.

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