Twitter is not a space that rewards deep dives and careful examination of evidence. You have 280 characters. People just want the right vibes. Does a story sound good? Does it fit with what you want to hear? Does it support your worldview? You have five seconds before your mind moves on, so smash that like button, give a knowing nod, then check out that neat duck video just below on your feed.

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    It is worth keeping in mind, however, that when it comes to Mastodon (federated alternative to Twitter) - federation blocklists adopted by instance admins – and enforced unilaterally on their users – beats the spirit of it all, because many popular instances that adopt IdPol-fested policies end up clustering, and blocking other (non-IdPol adopting) instances en masse. See for a list of servers. The problem here is that moderation and censorship is still done by centralized parties (ie. instance admins) rather than voluntarily by the individual people themselves. Any centralized and unilateral enforcing of speech online is likely to become corrupt no matter the intention.

    The core problem here is the monolithic nature of these social networks, not their size per se. The solution is decentralization,* making it impossible for there to be a large monolithic network thus discouraging any form of universal group-think, for there will be no such universal group.