Woke Invasion

Proponents of Wokeism have been proselytizing (see also Woke Inveigling) many unsuspecting organizations (many of whom, with exceptions, yield to their demands) adopting a number of covert tactics. See this Twitter thread for an example of how it works in education.


Kara explains the particular situation in tech:

There is a line of demarcation when it came to employees who were hired before 2016 and employees who were hired around 2017 [Trump election]. [..] I think there is a lot of Sheldon’s who just want to be engineers; they just want to open source everything, … and now you have a different type of employees who are working there, and they are actively turning the organization to political change, to preventing “harm” and “Misinformation”. — Kara Frederick, former Facebook employee. source

Or for a conspiratorial summary,

This is overtly political and has nothing to do with being “nice” or “empathetic”. The corporations have inadvertently made an arrangement with critical theory leftists to transform society into a capitalist monopoly on top, and socialism on the bottom. That’s the deal.

It’s been dubbed “Woke Capitalism”, where the managerial class has reached a compromise in which they get to keep and - through being appointed as stewards of the political movement - gain power, while activists of the movement get the transformation they demand.

This particular warning in Google Docs is just that. It’s Google managing the changes in society that certain activists want, in order to maintain corporate power. Changes like this will keep being added (as we should know by now) while our social structures change into something comparable to a social credit system. These changes are promoted by manufactured social pressures and financial incentives from large investment banks and so are implemented by any company that wishes to grow while under public scrutiny.

Discussions about this have been like groundhog day since 2015, no one seems to be able to get past the surface level of what is probably the greatest transformation of any society since the 1930’s, and it’s astonishing. It’s a gradual escalation of demands from woke activists, backed by the behemoth corporations and banks, then adopted by governments.

For anyone who wants to help others, or to resolve injustices in our society, having true empathy for the plight of those oppressed and wanting to solve social problems: you know this is bullshit. Even for the activists this isn’t about actually helping anyone, it’s about pushing us into accepting a shuffling of hierarchies, of which they didn’t bother to iron out the injustices. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=31090216


Woke-infiltrated groups and organizations


Links to this page
  • Wokeism

    Wokeism (under which neoracism belongs) is a secular religion that originated in the United States of America, presumably around 2016 (see Woke Invasion). It is closely accompanied by the pseudoscienfic field Critical Race Theory. The central thesis of the religion–and thus what “woke” means–is best characterized by the following passage:

  • Unearthing heterodox views from Wikipedia

    The topic of sexual objectification is not exactly uncontroversial. Heterodox views are periodically censored out of its Wikipedia article by power users (senior and woke editors). The removal of views by Christina Hoff Sommers and Naomi Wolf on the subject is a good example. If you were just reading the latest version of the Wikipedia article, you would only get the censored version - but if you perused the page history and unearthed these deleted passages, you get to see a more comprehensive (i.e., umm … encyclopedic) view on it.

  • Undoing Woke Invasion
    Grace: a report of how she resisted Woke Invasion in her non-profit organization in around year 2010, through clearly understanding Critical Race Theory.

    A sample of tech companies successfully extricating themselves out of Woke Invasion is presented below. What level of diplomacy you choose in your tactic is up to you; Brian Armstrong (Coinbase) and DHH (Basecamp) were demonstrably more diplomatic than Jesse Powell (Kraken).

    The first step to resist or undo Woke Invasion in your organization (or your psyche) is to thoroughly understand its creed Critical Race Theory, so as to uncover the fact that generally speaking woke disciples care less about the problems in the world than assuaging their self-centered ideological feelings.* The next step, obviously, is then to effectuate an elimination of the wannabe woke invaders from your organization by instituting a culture based on common sense values stripped of identity politics.

  • NixOS Woke Invasion

    Woke invasion of the NixOS community can be traced back to as early as April, 2021 (1, 2). It appears to have reached its zenith in April, 2024 when the woke moderation team’s mischiefs reached the public eye.

  • Have NixOS Mods Become Radicalized?
    Srid explains that the unwoke link on the profile exists only for awareness,* and that the steak picture was a form of self-expression (resulting from the diet he had to adopt for medical reasons)

    The simple reason I’ve put the unwoke link on my various profile pages is to raise awareness among my fellow hackers as to how to go about defending Woke Invasion in their communities (especially as such awareness worked for Grace). However, since wokeism is now largely dying down (except for certain strongholds like the NixOS core community), I have now replaced that link with a link to my new Code of Conduct (while still retaining the original principles).

  • Haskell
    Join FP Slack to chat with other Haskellers (the Slack also has rooms for other FP languages). If you prefer a forum-like format, post to StackOverflow #haskell, which has been quite helpful in my experience. Read r/haskell for news. Be wary of other communities.* If you are interested in hacking on my open source projects, join this room on Matrix (it is a part of Awesome-list-of-Haskell-mentors). See Haskell Planetarium for recent Haskell news & discussions.

    In particular, you want to avoid the non-niche ones invaded by woke activist moderators.

  • Harmlessness Code of Conduct

    Politics not directly relevant to the project or community should not be discussed or mentioned in project spaces. We are here to enjoy working together on creating software (with equity and parity, regardless of our background or identity) not to push personal politics onto others.*

    The recent years have been seeing a decline in toxic sinistral statist ideological politics in tech spaces, which ideology goes directly against the meritocratic and (actually) inclusive nature of those spaces. Any resurgence of attempts at reversing this decline will not be tolerated, and the people involved will be asked to stop or leave, for the benefit of the rest of the community members.

  • Anti-crypto

    A disgruntled vocal minority belong to the church of anti-crypto, and they have taken upon themselves to proselytize (see Woke Invasion) the unsuspecting masses - which righteous indignation is best illustrated by their following decree: