Gender Ideology

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“If only they knew how to read …”,

The Formation and Persistence of Social Identity:

This sexualised gender-identity became socio-politicised when ‘gender feminism’ and ‘identity politics’ in particular gained traction due to clamorous ‘anti-discrimination’ vocalists and vociferous ‘equalitarian’ activists stridently cashing in on their minoritarian victimology socio-politico influence and its resultant lobbying pressure [..]

Bedazzled by the abracadabra power of word-magic to increate and proliferate and present to the mind a mentalistically alluring array of wraithlike identities and/or sexualities, of every alphabetical dial-a-definition description imaginable, and being beguilingly driven to similarly razzle-dazzle the world at large, it has become (conceivably) possible for a female-gendered persona of a same-sex sexual persuasion, having habitancy in a male body, to somehow convince that body to undergo an oestrogenic hormone regimen, with the view to having sex reassignment surgery, so as to thereafter use a strap-on dildo over their surgically-fabricated vulvovaginal region when engaging in penetrative sexual activity with their female-gendered cohort, who, being similarly of a same-sex sexual persuasion and likewise having habitancy in a male body, has also partaken of oestrogenic hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery.

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    The term ‘social identity’ is also inclusive, nowadays, of a gender identity a.k.a. sexual orientation identity (identifying as ‘asexual’/ ‘bisexual’/ ‘homosexual’/ ‘transvestite’ a.k.a. ‘cross-dresser’/ ‘transsexual’ a.k.a. ‘transgender’/ ‘gender-queer’ a.k.a. ‘queer’ / and, colloquially, an ‘alphabet-soup’ of initials.
  • Psychology behind wokeism

    I once believed that I would be more successful finding love as a woman than as a man, but in truth, few straight men are interested in having a physical relationship with a person who was born the same sex as them. In high school, when I experienced crushes on my male classmates, I believed that the only way those feelings could be requited was if I altered my body.

    “Mastering intricacies of gender and race relations discourse and behavior has become a marker for belonging to the cosmopolitan class, in a similar way that tastes for classical music & art were markers of bourgeois culture in the 19th and 20th centuries”