Wikipedia is not neutral

Almost every political or controversial topic on Wikipedia is infested with a far-left / woke slant, reflecting the make-up of its authoritarian editors. See The left-wing bias of Wikipedia, a scientific/academic article about Wikipedia’s bias, by pseudonymous authors.

From a, pre-censored Wikipedia article: 1

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger has been critical of the online encyclopedia’s accuracy and neutrality since the early 2000s. In May 2020, he published an article in his personal blog describing Wikipedia as “badly biased” and stated that he believed it no longer had an effective neutrality policy, claiming that portions of the Donald Trump article are “unrelentingly negative” while the Barack Obama article “completely fails to mention many well-known scandals” and various other topics he claims are presented with liberal bias.

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Wikipedia’s revision history however is useful in one way – in Unearthing heterodox views from Wikipedia. Indeed, the above passage was discovered in that manner.

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Deleted by an editor, presumably as an act of Censorship so as to artfully prevent a casual critical reader from being cognizant of this bias.
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