Undoing Woke Invasion

For the actually caring (ie. not pseudo-caring) readers who are looking to do good in the world without the artifice of woke ideology, the author recommends looking into becoming harmless.

The first step to resist or undo Woke Invasion in your organization (or your psyche) is to thoroughly understand its creed Critical Race Theory, so as to uncover the fact that generally speaking woke disciples care less about the problems in the world than assuaging their self-centered ideological feelings. 1 The next step, obviously, is then to effectuate an elimination of the wannabe woke invaders from your organization by instituting a culture based on common sense values stripped of identity politics.

Case studies


A sample of tech companies successfully extricating themselves out of Woke Invasion is presented below. What level of diplomacy you choose in your tactic is up to you; Brian Armstrong (Coinbase) and DHH (Basecamp) were demonstrably more diplomatic than Jesse Powell (Kraken).

Organizations to watch out for

Ideologies to watch out for


If there is one case study that I must pick as my favourite, it would be that of Grace.

Expose them

You may then publicly expose 2 the woke charlatans, as these do:


It is vital to realize that the woke really have no moral high ground. They are as corrupt (psychologically speaking) as the groups they criticize.

A lot of people still think all these [woke] folks are ‘nice but misguided’.

No. Some are. Especially the younger ones.

But a lot of malicious, wicked people hide under the ‘social justice’ umbrella and take glee in hurting others. Emotionally and physically. Then they play victim. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1644199998496677889

Quoting John McWhorter from We must say no to these people, “It is natural to fear going up against the parishioners who so fervently disagree, with their ten-dollar words and artful sarcasm and air of surety. But I promise you: There is room in this society for speaking the truth and living to tell about it.”.
Links to this page
  • Woke Invasion

    Proponents of Wokeism have been proselytizing (see also Woke Inveigling) many unsuspecting organizations (many of whom, with exceptions, yield to their demands) adopting a number of covert tactics. See this Twitter thread for an example of how it works in education.

  • Twitter / X
    The company continues to function and thrive well despite the fact that Elon Musk fired about 80% of the staff in late 2022. See Undoing Woke Invasion.
  • Have NixOS Mods Become Radicalized?
    Srid explains that the unwoke link on the profile exists only for awareness,* and that the steak picture was a form of self-expression (resulting from the diet he had to adopt for medical reasons)
    The astute reader should note by now that if anything, it was both Teo Camarasu “TeofilC” and Christina Sørensen “cafkafk” that needlessly brought the unwoke link up thus derailing the discussion (not to mention the later’s painting of Srid as an extremist along with personal attacks)

    On Nov 14th, 2023 - the NixOS moderation team permanently banned me from Discourse, Github and Matrix for ideological reasons thus violating the very Code of Conduct they recently proposed. A week earlier, on Nov 7th, 2023, they had issued their threat demanding that I (1) take down the link to my unwoke page on my own Discourse profile, (2) remove a picture of a piece of steak that I had cooked, and (3) cease participating in the so-called ‘toxic threads’ (this latter request I readily agreed to). I sensibly counter-proposed that I’d take the link down only if they institute a public policy of there being no politically-oriented links in Discourse profile pages, which they refused leading to the only possible conclusion that the ban was motivated by wrongthink.

    The simple reason I’ve put the unwoke link on my various profile pages is to raise awareness among my fellow hackers as to how to go about defending Woke Invasion in their communities (especially as such awareness worked for Grace). However, since wokeism is now largely dying down (except for certain strongholds like the NixOS core community), I have now replaced that link with a link to my new Code of Conduct (while still retaining the original principles).

    Without any prompting on Srid’s part, an upset user Teo Camarasu “TeofilC” digs out srid’s unwoke link in his Discourse profile and publicly expresses intolerance (ie., derails the thread)

  • Harmlessness Code of Conduct

    Politics not directly relevant to the project or community should not be discussed or mentioned in project spaces. We are here to enjoy working together on creating software (with equity and parity, regardless of our background or identity) not to push personal politics onto others.*

    The recent years have been seeing a decline in toxic sinistral statist ideological politics in tech spaces, which ideology goes directly against the meritocratic and (actually) inclusive nature of those spaces. Any resurgence of attempts at reversing this decline will not be tolerated, and the people involved will be asked to stop or leave, for the benefit of the rest of the community members.