haskell-template (https://github.com/srid/haskell-template) is a template Git repository for ready-made, fully reproducible and friendly Haskell development using Nix. It comes with full IDE support in VSCode (and other editors with LSP support). See Philosophy for whatโ€™s (and why it is) included.


The goal of haskell-template is to enable anyone to get started with Haskell development without much fanfare (thanks to Nix). I also use haskell-template to bootstrap all of my new Haskell projects. See Getting started to get started.


  • Getting started
    • nix develop: The nix shell is your friend; inside it, you will have the full Haskell development environment (cabal, ghc, ghci, haskell-language-server, cabal-fmt, hlint, etc.).
    • Common Haskell workflows
      • Useful Scripts (defined via just)

        just runRun the main executable via ghcid (auto-recompiles)
        just replRun cabal repl (gives you a ghci repl)
        just docsRun hoogle (Documentation server for packages in use)
      • Adding dependencies (or how to override them in Nix)

      • Adding tests

    • Common Nix workflows
      • nix build: Build the nix package.
      • nix run .: Run the program via Nix.
        • nix run github:srid/haskell-template: Run the program via Nix remotely.
      • nix profile install github:srid/haskell-template: Install the program via Nix.
      • Flake checks for Haskell
    • Removing features from the template
    • Switching to direnv
    • CI


Comments? Ideas? Post them on GitHub.


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