haskell-template (https://github.com/srid/haskell-template) is a template Git repository for ready-made, fully reproducible and friendly Haskell development using Nix. It comes with full IDE support in VSCode (and other editors with LSP support). See Philosophy for what’s (and why it is) included.


The goal of haskell-template is to enable anyone to get started with Haskell development without much fanfare (thanks to Nix). I also use haskell-template to bootstrap all of my new Haskell projects. See Getting started to get started.


  • Getting started
    • nix develop: The nix shell is your friend; inside it, you will have the full Haskell development environment (cabal, ghc, ghci, haskell-language-server, cabal-fmt, hlint, etc.).
    • Common Haskell workflows
      • Useful Scripts (defined via mission-control)

        , runRun the main executable via ghcid (auto-recompiles)
        , replRun cabal repl (gives you a ghci repl)
        , docsRun hoogle (Documentation server for packages in use)
      • Adding dependencies (or how to override them in Nix)

      • Adding tests

    • Common Nix workflows
      • nix build: Build the nix package.
      • nix run .: Run the program via Nix.
        • nix run github:srid/haskell-template: Run the program via Nix remotely.
      • nix profile install github:srid/haskell-template: Install the program via Nix.
      • Flake checks for Haskell
    • Removing features from the template
    • Switching to direnv
    • CI


Comments? Ideas? Post them on GitHub.

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