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  • XMonad

    XMonad is a tiling window manager for Linux configurable in Haskell.

  • X1C7 WiFi issue

    WiFi can disconnect from time to time (in Linux). This is the most annoying problem with the X1C7. It vanishes for some days, before returning.

  • NixOS

    NixOS is a Linux distribution based on the purely functional Nix package manager, with declarative configuration.

  • Nix recipes for Haskellers

    You are running either Linux or macOS*, and have installed the Nix package manager using these instructions *. You do not need to install anything else, including needing to install Haskell, as Nix will manage that for you.

  • Linux logs from previous boot

    On a Linux system managed by systemd, its Journal feature manages the logs for everything from kernel to user level services. These logs can be accessed using the journalctl command. The particular query of interest is to retrieve kernel logs from the time before current boot.

  • Haskell

    If you are feeling adventurous consider getting acquainted with Nix, which in turns allows you to leverage haskell-template for bootstraping Haskell projects with full IDE support in VSCode. This works on Linux, macOS and Windows (via WSL) without having to install dependencies other than Nix itself. In my opinion, this is the best way to set up a Haskell development environment if you are willing to approach the learning curve of Nix with alacritty.