Use opinionated base tools

I originally created haskell-template to serve as the base template for my Haskell Projects. As such, I wanted it to include by default the following:

If it is not used in every repo, do not add it to the template

Things like tests are not in the template repo, because I personally do not use it in every project created off this repo. Instead, a workflow like β€œHow to add tests” should be documented (eg.: Adding tests). The same goes for project documentation (which normally would use Emanote).

Keep Nix as simple as possible

I wish to keep all the Nix code (flake.nix) as small and simple as possible. This is why much of the Nix is delegated to haskell-flake. Consequently, it also becomes easier for the user to do some Nix-based Haskell workflows (I’m yet to document these).

  • ☐ Explain the usefulness flake-parts (and thus haskell-flake and mission-control)
    • To keep Nix code simple by modularizing orthogonal features. Especially in monorepos.
    • Nix itself may get a modue system for flakes. Unti then, flake-parts is relevant.
I used to use ormolu but switched to fourmolu because ormolu is annoying in some cases (like it throwing away multiline haddock comments)
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