NixOS Woke Invasion

Woke invasion of the NixOS community can be traced back to as early as April, 2021 (1, 2). It appears to have reached its zenith in April, 2024 when the woke moderation team’s mischiefs reached the public eye.

On May 1st, 2024, the Board decided to delegate powers to an unspecified “community” (see “Eelco steps down” below), however it remains to be seen as to what exactly this will engender.


Notable events since Nov, 2023:

2023-11-14Author gets banned for ideological reasons
2024-01-28Witch-hunt by NixOS moderator Martin Weinelt (hexa) to get the entire NixOS Asia domain, as well as Srid, banned from the site
2024-02-12Report of the moderators perma-banning David Arnold
2024-03-10Continued criticism of the mod team by community members; a NixOS moderator “piegamesde” publicly accuses Srid of being “transphobic”
2024-03-20Continued criticism; Jonas Chevalier (zimbatm) publicly lies about Srid; then threatened and successfully shadow-banned the people raising criticism
2024-04-22Attempt to depose Eelco Dolstra
2024-04-26RFC 175; Banning of Jon Ringer, and the authors of RFC 175 (nrdxp apcodes); moderators begin resigning (see below)
2024-05-01Eelco steps down
2024-5-01Zulip is chosen for governence discussions (allowing banned members with “extreme prejudice” and threat of permaban “[if] they blow it““)

Moderation team

Evidence of woke moderation


Just a few hours after the PR for RFC 175 was opened, several moderators began to resign from the team:

2024-04-26Ryan Mulligan
2024-05-01rhendric (Ryan Hendrickson)

As of May 2nd, this leaves hexa and the newly-joined lassulus as the only moderators.

Board member resignations

4/5 board members have so far quit, leaving Ron as the only one left.

2024-04-30Eelco Dolstra
2024-03-11Domen Kozar
2024-06-07Jonas Chevalier
2024-06-28Théophane Hufschmitt

Will the constituent assembly perpetuate or end wokeism?


This is just a rough skeleton log of events as they continue to unfold. A coherent report will be written once the assembly has done its job (it is still unclear as to just how much of the underlying issues they will help resolve).




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    [!warning] I do not recommend the official avenues: Matrix & Discourse (why not?)

  • Have NixOS Mods Become Radicalized?

    [!info] Updates For events that happened after publishing this blog post, consult this X thread. For further events, and context, see NixOS Woke Invasion.

    Despite the newly announced Code of Conduct setting a standard of “being respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences”, the moderators ignored the violators Teo Camarasu “TeofilC” and Christina Sørensen “cafkafk” and thereon went after the person they attacked because of ideological misalignment. The NixOS moderation team, which appears to have been strategically set up originally by Graham Christensen, has been self-selecting the team to maintain over the years an ideologically-uniform and radicalized echo-chamber that, for some reason, is also decidedly not geographically diverse.* It remains to be seen as to when and how this woke stronghold gets broken. It is only a matter of time (even if it takes years) that it disintegrates because, as DHH wrote, “the tide indeed is turning,” resulting in what Sriram Krishnan calleda vibe shift”.