Gender Ideology

The Formation and Persistence of Social Identity arguably provides the best synopsis on this ideology:

This sexualised gender-identity became socio-politicised when ‘gender feminism’ and ‘identity politics’ in particular gained traction due to clamorous ‘anti-discrimination’ vocalists and vociferous ‘equalitarian’ activists stridently cashing in on their minoritarian victimology socio-politico influence and its resultant lobbying pressure [..]

What is implicit, in this twenty-first century “social constructs” psychosexuality, 1 is how the days of merely relating as a ‘boy’ and a ‘girl’ or as a ‘man’ and a ‘woman’ (depending on sex and age) are increasingly becoming as if a bygone era due to nothing other than the sexualisation of those otherwise straightforward boy-girl and man-woman classifications such as to increate 2 those phantasmal 3 ‘gender identities’, or ‘sexual orientation identities’, in accordance with sexual persuasion and amative 4 predilection (as distinct from existing-in-fact-and-actuality anatomical and chromosomal identifiers).

In other words, all the fuss and pother dominating current-affairs about 101-plus personal pronouns – made regulatory law, even, in some fiefdoms (e.g., the Canadian regulatory kerfuffle over Prof. Jordan Peterson et alia) – as well as males asseverating 5 gender-dysphoria competing in women’s sports, and nondiscriminatory access to public toilets and change-rooms, and the suchlike, along with the antisemitic-style taking offence laws and/or regulations (as in ‘hate-speech’ laws), promulgated and promoted by the unelected and unaccountable United Nations bureaucrats and rapporteurs, stems from and revolves cyclonically around none other than this phantasmal 3 “social construct” of a gender-identity (a.k.a. “sexual orientation identity” as explained in detail on pages 4-5 of the August 2009 “Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation” paper from the ‘American Psychological Association’, August 2009 6 ).


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• [Dictionary Definition]: psychosexuality (n.): the mental representation⁽*⁾ of sexual activities. ~ (Princeton’s WordNet 3.0).
⁽*⁾mental representation (n.): a presentation to the mind in the form of an idea or image. ~ (Princeton’s WordNet 3.0).

• [Dictionary Definition]: mentalism (n.): a doctrine that mind is the true reality and that objects exist only as aspects of the mind’s awareness. ~ (Princeton’s WordNet 3.0).
[Dictionary Definition]: (tr.v.): 1. to create within; [imp. & pp.: increated; ppr. & vb.n.: increating]. ~ Webster’s 1913 Dictionary.
[Dictionary Definitions]:
• phantasmal (adj.): relating to or of the nature of a phantasm[†]; unsubstantial; apparitional; imaginary; illusive, phantasmic; phantasmical; (adv.): phantasmally, phantasmically. ~ (Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary).
[†]phantasm (n.): an imaginary appearance; a phantom[⁑]; fancy.~ (Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary).
[⁑]phantom (n.): something that exists only in appearance; an apparition; a ghost; spectre; a vision; an illusion; mirage; often used adjectively; as, “a phantom ship”. ~ (Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary).
• phantasmal (adj.): of, relating to, or in the nature of an illusion; lacking reality: chimeric, chimerical, delusive, delusory, dreamlike, hallucinatory, illusive, illusory, phantasmagoric, phantasmic, visionary. ~ (American Heritage Roget’s Thesaurus).


[Dictionary Definition]: amative (adj.): relating to or inclined toward love, especially sexual love; amorous⁽*⁾; (adv.): amatively; (n.): amativeness. [1630; Medieval Latin amātīvus, ‘capable of love’, from amātus, past participle of Latin amāre, ‘to love’]. ~ (American Heritage Dictionary).

⁽*⁾amorous (adj.): 1. feeling or devoted to sexual love or desire; (synonyms): amative, concupiscent, erotic, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, libidinous, lustful, lusty, passionate, prurient, sexy; 2. of, concerning, or promoting sexual love or desire; (synonyms): amatory, aphrodisiac, erotic, lascivious, salacious, sexual, sexy. ~ (American Heritage Roget’s Thesaurus).


[Dictionary Definitions]:
• asseverate (tr.v.; asseverated, asseverating, asseverates): to declare seriously or positively; affirm; (n.): asseveration; (adj.): asseverative. [Latin assevērātus, past participle of assevērāre, ‘to declare’, ‘to do (something) ~ (American Heritage Dictionary).
• asseverate (v.): state categorically; (synonyms): assert, maintain; insist, take a firm stand (be emphatic or resolute and refuse to budge); [e.g.]: “I must insist!”. ~ (Princeton’s WordNet 3.0).

“Sexual Orientation Identity” (in Sociologese)

“The task force was asked to report on the appropriate application of affirmative therapeutic interventions for adults who present a desire to change their sexual orientation or their behavioural expression of their sexual orientation, or both. (…elided…). In terms of formulating the goals of treatment, we propose that, on the basis of research on sexual orientation and sexual orientation identity, what appears to shift and evolve in some individuals’ lives is sexual orientation identity, not sexual orientation. Given that there is diversity in how individuals define and express their sexual orientation identity, an affirmative approach is supportive of clients’ identity development without an a priori treatment goal concerning how clients identify or live out their sexual orientation or spiritual beliefs. This type of therapy can provide a safe space where the different aspects of the evolving self can be acknowledged, explored, respected, and potentially rewoven into a more coherent sense of self that feels authentic to the client, and it can be helpful to those who accept, reject, or are ambivalent about their same-sex attractions…”. [emphases added]. ~ (from pp 4-5, “Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation” by the ‘American Psychological Association’; August 2009).

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