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  • No JavaScript
    PureScript generally relies on NodeJS toolchain being peppered in the project repo, but purs-nix aims to provide a “No JavaScript” development environment using Nix.
  • Elm

    I recommend PureScript or GHCJS (Reflex-FRP) – see No JavaScript – over Elm due to the later’s controversial design decisions and aggressive leadership.

  • Cerveau, a future-proof web app for notes

    Cerveau’s frontend too is written in Haskell. Wait, how is that possible? The GHCJS compiler compiles Haskell code to low-level JavaScript for running in the browser. Cerveau uses the Reflex-FRP library, via the excellent Obelisk framework, which takes care of all the plumbing required to produce such full-stack Haskell apps, so that I as a developer can focus on the FRP application logic. FRP, and similar models of UI programming, is simpler to write and extend than callback based code. Anybody who writes Elm* can attest to that; however unlike Elm or PureScript, GHCJS code can be shared with the backend. This is what enables Cerveau to directly reuse much of the Neuron source code, thus enabling neuron’s core features to work directly on the browser–for example, live HTML preview while editing the note.

  • A brief F# exploration
    Must run natively on backend without nodeJS (rules out the likes of PureScript)