Use Neuron, get RSS for free

Atom, not RSS - but you get the idea.

Instead of writing your own static site generator, and write code to laboriously generate RSS feeds (which are all useful exercise in learning) - why not use Neuron 1 , and add the following to your, say, and call it a day?

  count: 5

That is all it takes to generate an atom feed, blog.xml, that will aggregate all of your blog posts linked from See neuron’s documentation on the Web feeds plugin for details.

On this site, you have three examples: add any of these – [[Blog]], [[Microblog]], or [[Neuron]] – to your feed reader, if you want to keep yourself abreast of new content in those zettels. (This website has migrated to Emanote as of June 2021)

See for a template to instantly get started with little fuss (requires a GitHub account).