ka Project

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  • emanote.obelisk Project

    Like ka Project, architecture work done on emanote may carry over to neuron (see Hybrid rewrite-refactor).

  • Neuron 1.0 released

    To achieve this, I’m working on a new (independent) core for neuron, called ka Project (named after the Egyptian concept) that eventually will supplant rib/shake used currently in neuron. ka uses Functional Reactive Programming to provide a reactive build pipeline* specifically geared towards note-taking, as well as plugin mechanism to customize the behaviour of the application at various stages. In addition to being the new core of neuron, ka Project will be an independent app for use, both in the form of web app and GTK+ app; Neuron sponsors get early access to ka Project source code.

  • Announcing Ema - Static Sites in Haskell

    I explored the idea of hot-reload’ing the notebook view instantly on Markdown file change in ka Project. You can see a video demo of it here. Likewise, the emanote.obelisk Project – another brief exploration – also supported hot reload. But both these projects were not static sites, and they were built on Reflex-FRP and Obelisk. I also recently got to play with SvelteKit for creating static sites, and its hot reload feature in particular impressed me; however I’m no fan of using a less safe language (see No JavaScript), so I wanted to take the best aspects of these projects and prototype something in Haskell.*