Make CLI Great Again πŸš€

An ongoing project to get back to a CLI-centric workflow.

Update (Apr, 2023): I now increasingly use kitty+zellij+nushell+neovim; and this page requires an update.



  • Get acquainted with CLI editing and workflows.
  • Why neovim?
    • VSCode can be sluggish.
    • Hack editor extensions in Haskell (see nvim-hs)
      • Maybe even write a first-class Emanote extension.
  • CLI email workflows: for more efficient processing (and scripting) of email



  • terminal
    • bring up kitty on keybinding, from anywhere (for quick edits). don’t rely on tmux.
  • #neovim
    • ☐ Add ee alias to open a file with fzf directly
    • ☐ New post: adding custom Lua functions to do things (eg: zettelkasten thingy; like create new notes under dir); bind it to keybinding, appearing in which-key.
    • VSCode ➑ #neovim
      • Searching
        • ☐ Open file by searching contents
      • Saving
        • ☐ Ctrl+S to save
        • ☐ Autosave for Markdown notes
      • Markdown
        • ☐ Sane indentation of lists on β€˜enter’
        • ☐ Disable auto-collapse.
        • ☐ Wiki-links
  • #email
    • β˜‘ Back to ProtonMail (ProtonMail Bridge -> almost no latency from himalaya)
    • ☐ setup redirect for my Google accounts to ProtonMail.
  • ☐ #haskell
  • Post ideas
    • ☐ lazygit (basic workflows)
#neovim #email #haskell