Ground meat “cereal”

Update(March, 2023): I now cook the entire day’s of ground meat in a wok.

A “carnivore cereal” made from duck fat 1 , ground meat and salt is my typical meal.

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I buy my ground lamb straight from local farms, who deliver it vaccum-packaged as packages of a pound each. Thaw them overnight … and when ready to cook take it out of fridge and, while still in the vaccum bag, use a flat surface (such as a wooden cutting board) to press on the packet to flatten the meat out to resemble the texture and thickness of a burger. The result is a square-shaped larger burger patty which is well-suited for our hybrid stir-fry (ie. with browning).


[[ground-lamb-fry.jpg]] This one’s overcooked a bit; you should not see black parts. Also, we use a non-stick pan here, which is inferior to stainless steel pans.

Heat a stainless steel pan for 10 minutes at medium or medium high, put duck fat and then fry the patty for a few minutes each side. Careful not to overfry it (the color should be brown, but not black like near the edges in the picture). Once both sides have browned use a spatula to break down the meat and segue into stir-frying it. With the meat mostly cooked, add salt and continue stir-frying until thoroughly cooked (should be pink to brown, not red).


I like to add Atlantic shrimps (precooked) at the end to give a more interesting biting texture. Spices and a fried egg on top, if you tolerate them, will perfect the taste profile (albeit at the expense of masking the meat’s flavour).

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Butter is better-tasting if you can tolerate it.