RESPONDENT: Does responsibility and seriousness come with being carefree?

RICHARD: No, the utter reliability of being always happy and harmless replaces the onerous burden of being responsible … and actuality’s blithe sincerity dispenses with the gloomy seriousness that epitomises adulthood.

It is funny – in a peculiar way – for I often gain the impression when I speak to others, that I am spoiling their game-plan. It seems as if they wish to search forever … they consider arriving to be boring. How can unconditional peace and happiness, twenty-four-hours-a-day, possibly be boring? Is a carefree life all that difficult to comprehend? Why persist in a sick game … and defend one’s right to do so? Why insist on suffering when blitheness is freely available here and now? Is a life of perennial gaiety something to be scorned? I have even had people say, accusingly, that I could not possibly be happy when there is so much suffering going on in the world. The logic of this defies credibility: Am I to wait until everybody else is happy before I am? If I was to wait, I would be waiting forever … for under this twisted rationale, no one would dare to be the first to be happy. Their peculiar reasoning allows only for a mass happiness to occur globally; overnight success, as it were. Someone has to be intrepid enough to be first, to show what is possible to a benighted humanity.

One has to face the opprobrium of one’s ill-informed peers.

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    Now, as far as I am concerned the above quote could not be more clear – I even provide an explanation via a frisky lamb/ frolicsome calves example and the [quote] ‘instinctually affective’ [endquote] cause for a sedate sheep/ sombre cattle plus the embedment into that [quote] ‘affective’ [endquote] programme of the societally-inculcated obligations and responsibility (as in morals and/or ethics and values and/or principles and beliefs and/or truths) – yet only recently two people, whom I know for a fact read all my posts to this forum, literally freaked out upon direct access to me as I actually am (perpetually aged circa 14 years) and absconded in a sheer funk from what they took to be an insane man with a dual personality/ split personality disorder. [..]

    • [Richard]: ‘ ( … ) around the time of puberty onwards, adolescents become increasingly serious and childhood fun gives way to societally-inculcated obligations and responsibility.

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