Sridhar Ratnakumar
Quebec City, Canada
Technical Lead (Haskell, Nix)

I discovered my passion for computer programming in 2001 and explored various technologies before discovering Haskell (around 2017) which remains my current tool of choice for writing software along with Nix. Nowadays I'm also excited about purely functional programming as well as type systems.

Open Source

Writing open source code has been a golden thread throughout my career. Lately I'm proud of the following software written primarily in Haskell:

Visit my GitHub profile for a full portfolio of projects.


‣ Since 2018 I've been self-employed as an independent contractor working primarily on Haskell projects with Nix involved as necessary. At Obsidian Systems, and for other clients, I worked on Reflex / GHCJS projects writing full-stack apps in Haskell. At Monadfix I helped develop a PureScript to Haskell transpiler (nau).

‣ During 2020 -2021 , I briefly explored a couple of experimental indie projects including Cerveau, a Reflex full-stack app for note-taking. Ema was the unintended result of the other one.

‣ From late 2021 , I joined Platonic Systems and began working on Cardano blockchain projects, including the Plutarch programming language.

‣ From early 2023 , I joined Juspay Technologies to lead the company's Nix efforts, specifically improving developer experience and infrastructure experience.

Prior roles

My previous roles (all full-time) include Microsoft (2008 - 2009 ), ActiveState (2009 - 2014 ) and Heroku (2014 - 2015 ). At ActiveState, I worked on a package manager for the company's Python distribution (ActivePython) and later took on working on its platform-as-a-service (Paas) product, which included creating a log aggregation component in Go. That type of work (log aggregation) continued on with Heroku, on its logplex and related projects. Clojure, Ruby, Elixir and Erlang were some of the other languages I used professionally during these years. After Heroku, I took a year long sabattical to visit my folks in India, followed by another year of immersing myself in the Quebec culture.

Misc facts

I'm multilingual—I speak Tamil (native), English and French. I did my batchelors in computer science in India and immigrated to Canada in 2008. I'm interested in all things related to consciousness.