No JavaScript

Haskell programmers like me who have gotten used to functional programming and static typing find JavaScript to be painful to use. We can’t avoid JavaScript entirely – there are some useful JS libraries out there in the world – however for actual app development we can continue using safer programming languages (see below) via either a JS-transpiler or a Wasm-compiler.

HaskellGHCJS; Reflex-FRP; ObeliskDeveloped by a small consultancy (Obsidian Systems) with uncertain future; also see Tweag’s Asterius
F# / .NETBlazorCan expect Microsoft’s investment to provide it a solid future.
Rust 1 Yew 2 , LeptosHas an actively evolving wasm story; needs further exploration

Blog posts on #nojs/main

  • PureScript generally relies on NodeJS toolchain being peppered in the project repo, but purs-nix aims to provide a “No JavaScript” development environment using Nix.
Quoting Michael Snoyman, however, “Rust is not a functional programming language, it’s imperative; […] Rust does adhere to many of the tenets of functional programming; […] In many cases, you can easily, naturally, and idiomatically write Rust in a functional style
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